Cult Wine: Outpost True Vineyard
Winemaker: Thomas Brown
Proprietors: Frank & Kathy Dotzler
Inaugural Vintage: 2005
Annual Production: 200-450 cases
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Appellation: Napa Valley
Other Wines: Yes, Five
Estate Vineyard: Yes
Grape Source: 100% Estate Grown


Aptly named, Outpost Vineyards lays claim on some of Napa Valley's most extreme territory. In the uppermost regions of Howell Mountain above the fog line, Outpost's towering pines and ocean-driven weather create a wildly different world from that of the valley floor, a world owners Frank and Kathy Dotzler have made it their mission to bottle. Growing conditions here, at 2,200 feet above the Napa Valley floor, in rocky red volcanic soil, with cool winds, rain and even hail to temper the abundant sunlight, produce fruit of bursting intensity and richness. Outpost wine is the true embodiment of this unique fruit.

Outpost was established in 1998 with the vision of producing wines that were a living, breathing embodiment of their magically rugged origins. Renowned winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown began his illustrious career here as the assistant winemaker to Ehran Jordan, who soon handed the reigns to his brilliant disciple. Outpost is the hallmark of Thomas's philosophy. He believes, quite simply, in creating wines that reflect their terroir in its fullest, least adulterated form. Since the Dotzlers began their stewardship in 2003, the farming has been organic and sustainable. The varietals - Cabernet, Zinfandel, Grenache, Petite Sirah - have always been 100 % pure. And Thomas's method, which involves more tasting than chemistry, is deeply intuitive.

Outpost grapes are harvested late in the season by hand, at dawn, to preserve the full intensity and distinctive spicy character of the mountain fruit. The grapes are processed with as little manipulation as possible. Fruit from each block within the vineyard is fermented separately so that the winemaking team can be selective about the lots that comprise the final blends. Wines are neither fined nor filtered allowing for full expression of each vintage's character. The minerality of its True Vineyard Cabernet - Outpost's highly-acclaimed flagship wine - is indeed true to the shallow rocky soil from which it was born.

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