Kapcsandy Family Winery

Cult Wine: Roberta's Reserve
Winemaker: Denis Malbec
Proprietors: Lou & Louis, Jr. Kapcsandy
Inaugural Vintage: 2004
Annual Production: 250 cases
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Appellation: Napa Valley
Other Wines: Yes, Five
Estate Vineyard: Yes
Grape Source: 100% Estate Grown


The Kapcsandy story is one of deep-rooted European sensibility transposed to the New World. Kapcsandy's Roberta's Reserve is produced much like a classic Pomerol from Bordeaux while reflecting the distinctive characteristics of its Napa Valley Estate origins.

After fleeing the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, Lou Kapcsandy came to the United States, where he married his wife, Roberta Henson, in 1964. In 1973, Lou and Bobbie settled in Seattle, WA, with their son Louis. Throughout a successful career in chemical engineering and construction, Lou nourished a passion for great wine, sourcing the finest vintages from France and advising the entrepreneurs who would become the early icons of the Washington State wine industry. After several inspiring visits to the great estates of France, Lou became convinced that American wines could rival their hallowed French counterparts. He and Bobbie began to dream of retiring to Napa to make their own wine. While continuing to search for a worthy property for sale they set up a Bordeaux importing business, Grand Cru Imports LLC, with their son Louis.

In 2000 the Kapcsandys had a miraculous twist of fate, the opportunity to buy the famous 20-acre parcel that had once been the Beringer Estate State Lane Vineyard, home for many years to the Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Program. The vineyard had been destroyed by Phylloxera in 1999. Lou, Louis and Bobbie set about replanting it after conducting extensive soil and microclimate tests, discovering in the process how extraordinary their site was. They have planted the vineyard 4-5 times more densely than is typical for Napa, very much like First Growths in Bordeaux. At this concentration, vines produce smaller berries with higher skin to juice ratios and more intense flavors and aromas.

Winemaker Denis Malbec, formerly of Château Latour, produces a Roberta's Reserve that is stylistically similar to a first-rate Pomerol but also expresses the unique fruit of Yountville's historic State Lane Vineyard. Kapcsandy's flagship Roberta's Reserve is a true marriage of French ancestry and American ingenuity.

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