Staglin Family Vineyard

Cult Wine: Staglin Cabernet Sauvignon
Winemaker: Fredrik Johansson
Proprietors: Shari & Garen Staglin
Inaugural Vintage: 1986
Annual Production: 1,500-2,000 cases
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Appellation: Napa Valley
Other Wines: Yes, Five
Estate Vineyard: Yes
Grape Source: 100% Estate Grown


“Great wines for great causes” is the Staglin motto. The Staglin family is committed to excellence in winemaking, environmental stewardship, and philanthropy.

The Staglin Family Vineyard, at the base of the western slope of Mount St. John, the tallest mountain in the Mayacamas range, is planted in an alluvial fan of rich volcanic soil. This Rutherford Bench property was recognized early on for its wondrous winemaking potential. Planted with grapes in the 1860s, it was converted to a plum orchard during Prohibition, and then replanted in the early 1960s exclusively for Beaulieu Vineyard's famed George de Latour Private Reserve Label. In 1985, Shari and Garen Staglin purchased the estate which they now run with their two children, Brandon and Shannon. Shannon serves as President of Staglin Family Vineyard. The property boasts a spectacular vineyard, a historic homestead and an underground winery.

The 51-acre organically farmed vineyard consists of five varietals and 38 individual blocks made up of 23 different root stock combinations. This diversity of planting leads to myriad flavor profiles and a high degree of complexity in winemaker Fredrik Johansson's finished wines. They are ripe and lush, without being overpowering. “The argument that wines with high ripeness lose their varietal and place-driven character is undone by Staglin year in and year out with its keenly focused aromas and flavors of currant, loam and cola augmented but never dominated by the caramelly richness of fancy oak barrels.” (Charle Olken, Conoisseur's Guide, December, 2011)

Over the years, Staglin has raised and donated nearly $725 million to support charities, including its main cause, The International Mental Health Research Organization (IMHRO). Staglin's Cabernet Sauvignon wine is a fantastically complex wine that embodies the all-embracing spirit of its family motto, “Great wines for great causes.”

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