Proper storage is vital for maintaining a wine’s quality and value. With this in mind, many wine collectors favor off-site storage facilities, where their wines can be maintained in ideal conditions, ensuring proper aging. Off-site storage also allows collectors to incrementally build reserves and save on transportation costs by bulk shipping their collections.


For residents of non-reciprocal states, cellarage in California provides a nice way to build a personal collection of cult wines that might otherwise not be possible.


E-Cep is proud to partner with one of California’s finest wine storage facilities - 55 Degrees of St Helena. Client services include individual wine lockers at its temperature-controlled facility, pickups from Napa and Sonoma wineries, online cellar management and shipping coordination. To learn more about 55 Degrees, please visit www.fiftyfivedegrees.com.


If you wish to take delivery of your underlying wines at 55 Degrees, you must set up an account with them before your wines ship. Please note that California state tax must be applied to all orders coming to their facility. You can select 55 Degrees as your shipping destination during the checkout process or simply update your shipping profile at some point before your wines ship.