Which Wines

E-Cep's wine bond collection comprises some of California's - and America's - most sought after luxury-boutique brands, with production levels of just a few hundred cases. Many of the underlying wines are never available in retail stores and, until now, have only been available to collectors through wineries' private client lists. 

In some cases, the underlying wine is unique, for example a never-before-used blend or format, exclusively available through E-Cep's platform. We also partner with select new wineries, giving collectors the ability to secure the rights to the inaugural releases of new brands.

Presently all of the wineries in E-Cep's program are situated in Napa Valley, reflecting the fact that the vast majority of California's finest luxury-boutique brands are from that region. Over time, we may extend our collection to include some non-Napa Californian cult brands.