Who Can Buy


E-Cep’s wine bonds are available to wine lovers around the world. Purchasers must be individuals of at least 21 years of age.




America’s laws governing the sale and distribution of alcohol are extremely complex and vary from state to state, such that direct shipping to certain states is not permitted. Each winery has different permits determining where they can ship. When browsing out shop, attached to each wine bond is a list of states to which that particular wine can ship directly.


Because of these complex rules, many E-Cep clients choose to take delivery of their wines at a storage facility in California. This allows them to grow their collections offsite in ideal storage conditions, protecting the value of their investments.


To learn more about cellarage, please view our cellarage page




E-Cep’s wine bonds cannot be resold. The purchaser of the bond must take physical delivery of the underlying wine once it is officially released. The bonds can, however, be gifted to a third party, transferred to an estate planning trust or similar vehicle, or passed on through a bequest. E-Cep must be informed of any changes in title and will relay this information to the relevant winery.


Wine Bond Pricing


Each wine bond is offered at a fixed price. This price is determined by the issuing winery, as is the quantity of bonds offered for sale. The winery may also place limits on the number of bonds any individual can buy. Typically the bond price is set close to the expected release price for that upcoming vintage. For informational purposes, we provide historical release prices next to each bond offered in our storefront.


Tax & Shipping Estimator


Although the wine bond is paid for up front, taxes and shipping charges are deferred until the wine is released, up to two years later. For reference purposes, you can view current year tax rates and estimated shipping charges below.


Please be aware that tax rates and shipping charges do change. As a rule of thumb, shipping charges increase 5-10% per annum.





The process for buying bonds through E-Cep is straightforward. Here are the steps:


  • Register with E-Cep and get a username and password.
  • Browse our shop. You can browse by winery, vintage and varietal.
  • If you find a bond you like, place it in your cart and check out. We accept payment by American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. No taxes or shipping charges are levied at the point of checkout. You will be asked for a shipping address during checkout, but this is nominal only and can include addresses in non-reciprocal states, as well as wine storage, fulfillment and delivery facility addresses.
  • You will immediately get an email confirming that your order has been received.
  • Within 24 hours, you will receive confirmation of your purchase, along with your wine bond contract, signed by the winery.
  • At any time, you can log in to your account and view your order history, including estimated delivery dates. You can also update your profile and credit card information.
  • Approximately one month before your wines are due to be delivered, you will be contacted via email by E-Cep to confirm your contact, billing and shipping information and select your preferred method of shipping. We will pass this information on to the winery. The winery will charge your credit card for any relevant taxes and shipping, handling and insurance charges and ship your wines. Our winery partners are required to offer bondholders their most competitive shipping, handling and insurance rates for comparable retail purchases.